Every author has the struggle. Crumpled up pages thrown in the trash–or in my case usually the floor of my car, my preferred writing spot– or slamming their head on the backspace button before desperately trying to retrieve whatever genius thing they deleted in a fit of rage and unjust self-perceived inferiority.

I have it. A bad case, and I haven’t yet found the cure. Its in the lab now.

Those darn fantasy writers.  Creating a world and painting it so I feel like I’m on the journey fighting goblins and beasties in the middle of a forest that crawls. I read those, and I think “nope, can’t do it.” How am I ever going to sell a single copy if I can’t even tell you the sound a river makes?

One author friend of mine has this skill for a setting. She can paint the picture and make you feel like you’re in the room with the character, seeing the world through those eyes. Another author makes everything so full of action that you don’t need to see everything through the character’s eyes.  You know whats happening and can see how every character is reacting and it draws you into your own reaction.

But then an idea hits. And I start. If they can make a world, why can’t I? <—-This here is your answer.

I might not have the vocabulary or the patience for endless hours over a thesaurus, and I may not have the metaphors readily needed to paint the trees, but I can tell you what happened. I’ll tell you exactly what happened and just how it feels, and put it just so to where I hope you feel it in your own bones.

Here I am rambling again, but there is a point to this post. I’ve talked to a few people new to writing. And I’ve had a few trusty friends who remind me of this more often than I care to admit.

Just write it. You have the idea. Get it out. You probably will never be a JRR Tolkien, but who asked you to be? Hash out the details as you go, there will always be editing to do. But you’ll never get to editing if you never write it in the first place. There will be critics and fans, but you’ll never have either unless you get going.

Start writing