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October 2015

Welcoming The Saving

I’ve mentioned her before,  but today I want to share a little more in depth about a new favorite.

Ms. JC Stockli published her first novel, the first installment in the Addictions of the Eternal series, The Nothingness, in January of 2015. Since then it has become a 2015 IAN Book of the Year Awards Finalist, receiving many 5 star reviews.

Evie Westvale is an addict who has succumbed to the expectations and inevitability of the small, sinful fishing town, Fallhaven. With a few new arrivals in town, she is suddenly made aware that her life is not only her own, but an incarnation of a woman who met an untimely fate.

Struggling with addiction, lust, and blood Evie is faced with some though choices. I read this awesome book in about five hours because I couldn’t put it down. Are you ready to take the fall?


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And now we have the Saving to sink our teeth into. Another five star sure to have your mouth watering.

JC Stockli will tell anyone who will listen how music inspires her writing. (She’ll even recommend some badass songs from her mental soundtrack.) You’ll feel it the moment you start on this one.

Evie is fighting again, to overcome the pull of addiction, to discover what her destiny really means, and to learn everything she can about the bloodlusting Sempiternal, who all seem to want her for their own greedy purposes.

You know when you hit play on that song–you know the song. And the bass starts. Maybe a little drums. You wait, anticipating the guitar, relieved when it comes, but you want more. Finally the vocals begin, and it knocks your head back. Haunting and soothing and twisting and pulling and you feel every word?
Yeah, well that’s what you get when you pick up this woman’s books.
Male or female, saint or sinner, you won’t be able to tear your eyes away.


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Did I mention yet that she has a blog? That means you can follow her into the dark. See what’s coming up when and what’s in the works. From what I hear, she has something new and different coming real soon. Find out more about Healing the Witch of Adelaide Glen here:

And so I write….


I breathe art. The world around me is art. Beautiful nature vs haunting destruction. I see stories in everything around me and strive to share so that maybe others can see the story unfold as I do. Maybe, if I’m successful, they will understand something deeper than our lives.

I paint. I sing. I paint what I see, as I see, but a painting is up to so much interpretation. A song is the spoken word, set to a tone, not only a tune, to paint a picture for the listener so that they will hopefully feel the crooner’s laments. As we know, words can be twisted to suit any fancy. And as with an illustrated scene, the viewer will see only what the seek.

And so, I write. I scribble and I erase and I search for the words to make you feel. I’ll do my damnedest to paint the picture and force your eyes to exactly what I want you to see. I hope to make you laugh, and I strive to make you cry and I pray you rage at the injustices right along with me. Let’s get your heart racing.

Follow me, and I’ll shove some words down your throat. It’ll be a wild ride, but hopefully the adventure will be worth your while.

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