More information coming soon, but I am currently working to translate a roleplay of mine and a close friend’s into an erotic novel about a power hungry trophy wife who stumbles across the worst sort of devil in her social climbing endeavors and falls into a hopeless addiction to pain and submission. Medieval fantasy, with dark and heavy themes, guaranteed to get your heart beating!

“The drink was Thea’s only excuse. Somehow she had never heard him enter through the back.She just registered a slight rustle behind, but nary had a chance to turn before a hand tangled in her hair, yanking backward. Her cup fell to the floor, spilling over her bare toes.

The way he held her said it all. Control. There were ways, she knew, to ensure control over another’s body, and most preyed on human instinct. Take the balance, check. Most people endeavored to stay upright in strange company. Second most important was the neck. Pulling her back as he did, it exposed her throat, and would take naught more than a flick of his powerful wrist—yeah, she could feel the strength in it—to snap her neck….

….Over her shoulder, in the silvered glass, she saw that face. Far from lordly, his eyes were alight with sinful green. He was handsome, even with the dark scruff of his jaw and menace in his grin. His hair was cropped short and untidy. In the dimness it shone almost black, but when the light of the hearth caught on his face, she knew it to be sandy. This was a man who lived and thrived in the dark, where no one could see your sins. And the expanse of those shoulders, even covered in the worn coats of a traveler, held strength she knew she couldn’t fight. Even as her heart raced and fear flooded her veins, there was something about the power of those shoulders that made her pray he’d take the deal. He’d be a good fuck.”