And When You're There…


June 2016

A game of cat and mouse…


Let me run.
Mouth off.
I’ll sneak up and nibble at your whiskers,
Then run just out of reach.
I’ll pester you and harrass you,
See just how much you’ll tolerate.

I see it in your eyes.
Your patience quickly dwindling.
But there’s excitement there,
Those dilated pupils.
We’re getting closer.

You think I don’t hear it.
That growl slowly rising.
Thinking your heart is steady,
At least I’ll admit to my
Quickening pulse.

This is a dare,
I’m certain you know.
But you’ll pounce anyway,
As I’ve taunted and asked,
And you’ll be all to happy to oblige.

So lunge.
And catch me if you can.
I’ll squirm and struggle and squeal
As you attack.
And thank you for the game.


You were something,
Although I never told.
It meant a lot to me not then,
But I’ll think of it when I’m old.

I’m happy things turned out.
I’ll always wish you well.
Just wish I would have kept you,
And never put you through that hell.

There were lessons learned.
I’m sure on both our sides.
I learned a lot of who I was.
I learned how not to hide.

You were the picture of comfort. There was warmth there in your arms.
I took advantage and you let me,
Inflict my selfish harm.

Now I hear that song.
I know exactly what you had seen.
As wicked as you are,
There was friendship in between.

There’s could have’s, would have’s, and should have’s.
Possibilities we could have guessed.
Thank you for seeing the worst,
And always still seeing the best.

It’s not the end of the world,
Another song ringing up a memory.
Of music and laughs and acceptance,
And all you saw in me.

It’s simple, really…

Don’t look at me like that
Like you think that you’ve won.
All smug and venomous,
But I’m hardly done.

Your words say enough
But actions say it all.
I may be down
Although it’s hardly a fall.

You see, I know what you did
No part in it fair.
But I’m tougher than I look
Even if a bit worse for wear.

Your intent was clear,
A lesson was learned.
The outcome far from directed,
In the end you’ll get burned.

Let’s see


How your heart breaks
If you can take this ride
Do you still find me sweet
When I break that perfect stride?

Let’s see how you fall
And watch how you bleed
See your skin flush and bruise
Make you satisfy this need.

Give me that taste
Sweat beading on your brow
Excitement in my eyes
You can start screaming now.

Let’s see how you break
How you’ll buckle and fold
I have horrors that await
Wretched nightmares untold.



Hand, gliding
Nails scraping
Over the hip
Up the side
The gentle ridge of rib
Tender swollen flesh
But those fingers don’t stop
Higher as the stance is taken
Wide eyes in lust and appreciation
Tempting to close as the cinch tightens
Tasting the want on a desperate tongue
Focused on a racing pulse, on that display of perfect power
The pulse slowing in heated attention
Changing to throb, to pain, a beat behind ears
A plea for release, for a tighter grasp
A prayer for what’s trusted to be given
Then to receive, to explode into science
Into God and the universe, into one
Alone and covered in the sweat of your own
Possessing yourself within another soul

The score


When that final fall comes
I’d like to believe
I’ll dance in the blood
And kick with my feet

Spit as you lie
Scowl down at weakness
Laugh in the fall
You failed your own test

I’ll probably just smile
Help you up, walk away
It’s said pride will fall
But it just made my day

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