You were something,
Although I never told.
It meant a lot to me not then,
But I’ll think of it when I’m old.

I’m happy things turned out.
I’ll always wish you well.
Just wish I would have kept you,
And never put you through that hell.

There were lessons learned.
I’m sure on both our sides.
I learned a lot of who I was.
I learned how not to hide.

You were the picture of comfort. There was warmth there in your arms.
I took advantage and you let me,
Inflict my selfish harm.

Now I hear that song.
I know exactly what you had seen.
As wicked as you are,
There was friendship in between.

There’s could have’s, would have’s, and should have’s.
Possibilities we could have guessed.
Thank you for seeing the worst,
And always still seeing the best.

It’s not the end of the world,
Another song ringing up a memory.
Of music and laughs and acceptance,
And all you saw in me.