This is it.
This is my entirety.
At my finest.
And at my worst.

Bare bones.
Barely breathing.
Save for a heartbeat.
Tentative inhale.

Open eyes.
Open mouth.
Neither looking up nor down.
But straight forward.

These are scars.
They fade with time.
Seeing your own.
They’ll lighten like mine.

Hide them well for public eye.
But in darkness they’ll dance.
For you.
On display.

Chin high.
Eyes narrowed.
A dare.
A push.

Take it or leave it.
But this is it.
My armor and my weakness.
Bared for you.

Arms wide.
Feet apart.
Firm in standing.

This is the test.
My attack and my fall.
Take it or leave it.
To you I bare all.

Attack and surrender.
The score must settle.
To look forward or back.
No rest in the middle.

A time and a place.
But why not say now?
Take it. Or leave it.
And I’ll simply bow.

A walk away.
That’ll cut to the bone.
But you’ve seen my scars.
The pain will hone.

Sharpened gaze.
Tightened grip.
A turned back.
Movement of hips.

A lesson learned.
In life and love.
Ferocity in stillness.
Dropping the glove.

Take it or leave it.
The balance is yours.
A weight on the scale.
Hallway of doors.