“Do it, please.”

Her words shook, a shiver that drew down her spine, reaching the apex of nude thighs, halting at bent knees. He stood over, the towering display of power, but that is all she craved.

That hand as it met her cheek, not gentle, with a particular love she thirsted for, that wet her tongue and wet her core. Face turned to the side with the force of it. Blood rising to the surface of heated flesh. The sting, the blow elicited a yelp, and now a laugh.

Oh, this. This is what I wanted. Just what I wanted. And he knows.

The same hand, tangling in her hair, pulling her backwards as he stepped forward, her own arms reaching back to catch herself, legs pushed out to the front. Breaths coming faster as the laughter died to the heat.

“Why are you laughing?” his words on a sneer.

“Because you’re giving me just what I asked for. And the pain, it feels good.”

“Just the pain?”

She couldn’t answer, another sharp yank bringing her down to rest on her elbows. Attention on him, always on him.

He knelt beside her letting go of her mess of hair, taking in a sweat dampened brow, shaking his head with silent mirth at her open display of want. Another strike to the other side of her face. Another laugh that shook her shoulders, shook aroused and peaked breasts.

Position change. Prying legs apart to expose her before him, the perfectly shaved pussy spread wide and vulnerable. Kneeling between them, she tensed. This is not where she intended this to go, not yet. But he stayed clothed. Reaching behind to pull something from his pocket that had her heart racing as she inhaled through her nose.

“You will remember, that this is what you asked for.”

She nodded, eyes widening on instinct. Despite her fear, her hips twitched with need. She asked for this specifically, had practically pleaded for fulfillment.

A quiet swish of metal as he opened the knife, sharp and gleaming and smooth at the end, serrated and toothed towards the base, shining in it’s black steely way. Inhale through the nose, exhale as such. The tip of the blade touched to her skin, just below the navel, causing a flinch in instinct. He brought it upwards, circling it around, even higher. The cold flat of the steel drawn across taut nipples. She wanted to gasp, to cry out, but didn’t trust her lips to open. They would only tempt her to scream, to fight.

Higher yet had her breath held, until the edge rested on soft pale flesh of her throat. Muscles tightened in fight or flight, adrenaline coursing through every limb, spots darkening her vision. Eyes squeezed tight, as she worked herself up to breathe.

But that other hand came up, gripping her chin tight, nearly bruising.

“Look at me.”

The slightest of shakes of her head. A tear slipping from between heavy eyelids.

“Look at me!” It wasn’t a shout, but for the force behind it, it carried the power.

She obeyed and he loosened her chin. His teeth gritted, eyes narrowed, daring her to disobey as the blade pressed firmly against her neck. It hadn’t cut her, because he had control. Those eyes, that expression, had her vision locked even as her breaths came quicker. Nearing panic, but steadied by power. The thudding in her ears eclipsed the sound of a zipper, the sound of shuffled clothing.

But she felt it. Everything, his hissing breath washing hot over her. The cool edge biting her gently. The soft teasing of her sex before the sharp plunge as he took her on a forceful thrust, jarring her into dropping her arms, flattening her to the floor with her legs wrapped around. Attention focused, only on him, on his gaze, she came undone. He covered her, coaxing her with the ferocity of his fuck. She forgot the blade as her body was lost and sensation overcame, enveloped in his entirety, fear forgotten.