Oliver, your friendly, neighborhood… hitman? Assassin? So what does a day look like in the eyes of a killer? Is it filled with regret and bloodstains and screams of terror?

Hardly. Sit down and have  “A Conversation with Oliver” (see what I did there?) and find out. He’ll probably tell you everything, because who would believe the truth after all?

BR Marsten released “A Conversation with Oliver” a couple years back, and proceeded not long after with “A Confession from Oliver” and finally “An Interrogation of Oliver.”

Oliver sat on my To-Read list for a few months too long. But then I jumped in and couldn’t stop. Save for laughter of course. Marsten weaves witty humor into his tale, and whether he admits it or not, Oliver is endearing and will give you your fair share of ‘feels,’ despite the grim services he offers.

If I tell you its on my favorite list, you’re going to say “Is your favorite list a mile long?”

Answer: it might be, but I wouldn’t be here posting about it and trying to shove it down your throat if I didn’t think it worth your time. That’s a promise.

Check it out, regret free: