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Mercy is LIVE!

On CyberMonday, Mercy went live on Amazon, available as an ebook for Kindle readers for only $2.99!

What is Mercy? 

Its a story of two people, who think they are doing just fine on their own. On their own, their demons stay tamed, and the closeted skeletons stay layered with dust, only rattling when a breeze blows through. They meet, and sparks fly. But as the passion ignites and they struggle to know each other, they delve further into themselves and the past becomes a precarious present. 

A stalker, an alcoholic, a cool-tempered roommate, a man and a woman both afraid to admit their weaknesses, and a fight to keep the public image a separate entity from what the night cultivates. What could go wrong?

Predator vs. Prey


Oh, I’ll drop to my knees at a simple order. A rare gift to you in response to that growl. My eyes upward, there is only focus. Only this. This is trust. And this is submission.

To you I am prey. A little scrap of meat to sink your teeth into. And I…belong to the one above me. I am your possession.

There was something there, that digs deeper beyond thought process and reason. Its the sensation that tugs just below the navel, the presence that pushes me down to the most primordial part of my being. Its the instinct that tells me of power and command, and one worth obeying.

Claimed and chained and rightfully tamed. Let me unleash my claws just for you. Release me into that thoughtless creature that howls for a taste, cries for a touch, and screams for more pain. Because I heat at the thought of control. The fantasy, of you standing over with my heart pounding and my eyes looking up to you in surrender, makes me shake with anticipation.

My skin dampens with anxious perspiration while I wait. Itching to beg for my next punishment, feening for another display of complete power. The power to rule over a puckish slut, the strength to hold me down when I climb too high. The sadistic twist in your eyes when you know better what I need and push me further into chaos. How you’ve trained me to ask for it, and made me into whore willing to grovel at your feet.

Predator meets predator, and the true alpha will always come out on top in the struggle. Here I am, a possession, a slave to what you do, pleading for the slightest taste, for the pain of your grip.

And you are mine, my predator. The one who has earned the drop to the knees. You’ve proved your right to hear my screams, to bring me to tears, and make me forget my name in the fall.

Then, my predator, I ask and you give. Have I asked for what I deserve? This combination of pleasure and pain with lack of fear overwhelms my mind. That sweet moment when there is no doubt I am yours.

My throat tells me that I cannot speak, and my body stiffens, knowing that it alone can ask you for mercy, and yet it refuses. Because at my core I know that this is all at your mercy. And this body lets go, falling into rapture at your hand, at your heat. So when it fades it flashes into color and that complete submission. The taking of what is yours.

When awareness returns, aside from confusion, there is the high that spins the room, with the focus point above me. Your expression, Sir. Somewhere between assessment and caring, and it befuddles all the more. Somehow, between the violence of our fuck, and my newfound craving for the pain you inflict, that I can awaken with such a profound flood of adoration and love in every single nerve that feels, and it rocks me to my soul.

Breathing through the fear…(a short)


“Do it, please.”

Her words shook, a shiver that drew down her spine, reaching the apex of nude thighs, halting at bent knees. He stood over, the towering display of power, but that is all she craved.

That hand as it met her cheek, not gentle, with a particular love she thirsted for, that wet her tongue and wet her core. Face turned to the side with the force of it. Blood rising to the surface of heated flesh. The sting, the blow elicited a yelp, and now a laugh.

Oh, this. This is what I wanted. Just what I wanted. And he knows.

The same hand, tangling in her hair, pulling her backwards as he stepped forward, her own arms reaching back to catch herself, legs pushed out to the front. Breaths coming faster as the laughter died to the heat.

“Why are you laughing?” his words on a sneer.

“Because you’re giving me just what I asked for. And the pain, it feels good.”

“Just the pain?”

She couldn’t answer, another sharp yank bringing her down to rest on her elbows. Attention on him, always on him.

He knelt beside her letting go of her mess of hair, taking in a sweat dampened brow, shaking his head with silent mirth at her open display of want. Another strike to the other side of her face. Another laugh that shook her shoulders, shook aroused and peaked breasts.

Position change. Prying legs apart to expose her before him, the perfectly shaved pussy spread wide and vulnerable. Kneeling between them, she tensed. This is not where she intended this to go, not yet. But he stayed clothed. Reaching behind to pull something from his pocket that had her heart racing as she inhaled through her nose.

“You will remember, that this is what you asked for.”

She nodded, eyes widening on instinct. Despite her fear, her hips twitched with need. She asked for this specifically, had practically pleaded for fulfillment.

A quiet swish of metal as he opened the knife, sharp and gleaming and smooth at the end, serrated and toothed towards the base, shining in it’s black steely way. Inhale through the nose, exhale as such. The tip of the blade touched to her skin, just below the navel, causing a flinch in instinct. He brought it upwards, circling it around, even higher. The cold flat of the steel drawn across taut nipples. She wanted to gasp, to cry out, but didn’t trust her lips to open. They would only tempt her to scream, to fight.

Higher yet had her breath held, until the edge rested on soft pale flesh of her throat. Muscles tightened in fight or flight, adrenaline coursing through every limb, spots darkening her vision. Eyes squeezed tight, as she worked herself up to breathe.

But that other hand came up, gripping her chin tight, nearly bruising.

“Look at me.”

The slightest of shakes of her head. A tear slipping from between heavy eyelids.

“Look at me!” It wasn’t a shout, but for the force behind it, it carried the power.

She obeyed and he loosened her chin. His teeth gritted, eyes narrowed, daring her to disobey as the blade pressed firmly against her neck. It hadn’t cut her, because he had control. Those eyes, that expression, had her vision locked even as her breaths came quicker. Nearing panic, but steadied by power. The thudding in her ears eclipsed the sound of a zipper, the sound of shuffled clothing.

But she felt it. Everything, his hissing breath washing hot over her. The cool edge biting her gently. The soft teasing of her sex before the sharp plunge as he took her on a forceful thrust, jarring her into dropping her arms, flattening her to the floor with her legs wrapped around. Attention focused, only on him, on his gaze, she came undone. He covered her, coaxing her with the ferocity of his fuck. She forgot the blade as her body was lost and sensation overcame, enveloped in his entirety, fear forgotten.

Vs. What I know now…


Never knew
Of what you could be
Never knew
That I would succumb so completely

In that crook that could mean nothing but a warm body
That I would find a world never imagined.
It fills the throat and chokes
It tangles in hair and holds firm
Eyes fighting to open
To see every facet of a being.

Never knew
Of what I was.
Never knew
A shoulder told so much.

A casual touch, a habit never consciously harbored
Eliciting a need to control I never knew I garnered.
A firmer grasp, hold tighter, hold harder.
The clench and despair and a gag on sensation
Addiction revealed in desecration.

Never knew
Of this affliction’s existence
Never knew
I’d find you in repentance.



Hand, gliding
Nails scraping
Over the hip
Up the side
The gentle ridge of rib
Tender swollen flesh
But those fingers don’t stop
Higher as the stance is taken
Wide eyes in lust and appreciation
Tempting to close as the cinch tightens
Tasting the want on a desperate tongue
Focused on a racing pulse, on that display of perfect power
The pulse slowing in heated attention
Changing to throb, to pain, a beat behind ears
A plea for release, for a tighter grasp
A prayer for what’s trusted to be given
Then to receive, to explode into science
Into God and the universe, into one
Alone and covered in the sweat of your own
Possessing yourself within another soul

Just a Taste…


The thrill.

The rush.

An addict hopelessly drawn to a just-out-of-reach intoxicant.

The taste, the scent on my tongue.

Punishment, but why? Is this what is deserved?

Or just another hit.

That word again. Somewhere between romance and lust.

The gnawing ache of the unfamiliar.

Have I never felt this before?

Fear of the unknown.

Afraid of love but toss it to the table carelessly.

Let it be fed upon.

Let it be ripped apart and shoved back down my throat.

Choke me with it.



Break me, but give me the fix.

Give it up.

Let me taste it.

Wrap myself around and let it consume.

I want it.

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